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The International Languages Program (ILP) is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education, under the direction of the Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-est (CECCE; French Catholic school board in


The ILP offers a multitude of high quality international language credit courses to secondary school students and adults* on Saturdays at various locations throughout Ottawa and surrounding areas. Students are required to complete required number of in-class instructional hours to obtain one (1.0) credit.


  • Ontario-resident high school students Grade 9 - 12 as well as adults* can participate in the program; 

  • Both native and non-native speakers can register;

  • Out-of-province students may register and pay an out-of-province fee. 

*High school students are given priority as the courses are geared towards those working towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma


  • Courses run from September  until June  (~32 weeks);

  • Courses run on Saturday mornings for 3.25 hours per week;

  • Please see Program Calendar page for current schedule.


Courses are held at CECCE school sites across Ottawa. Please see School Year Program page for current schedule. 



The ILP offers a number of high quality, engaging language courses. Please see School Year Program page for current schedule. 

What credits are offered?

  • The Ministry offers 3 credit levels to students which equate to Gr 10, 11 and 12 credits respectively; 

  • The credits can be used towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD);

  • Student levels are determined by the ILP in accordance to a variety of different criteria; 

  • New students are given a diagnostic assessment at the beginning of the year to determine the appropriate level.


Please see below for credit information and required prerequisites:

  • Level 1 – "BD” Gr. 10 credit (no prerequisite)

  • Level 2 – “CU” Gr. 11 credit (Prerequisite: completion of Level 1)

  • Level 3 – “DU” Gr.12 credit (Prerequisite: completion of Level 2)


The ILP courses are based on the Ontario Ministry of Education's Classical Studies and International Languages curriculum (2016) which not only includes the 4 language competencies (reading, writing with emphasis on oral communication: listening and speaking) and 4 categories of knowledge and skills (knowledge & understanding, thinking, communication and application), but financial literacy, intercultural understanding and metacognition. 

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